Black Lives Matter | VR Edition

Black Lives Matter | VR Edition

Perceptual art challenges the viewer’s boundaries using multidimensional techniques in order to create three-dimensional renderings of flat images. It can trace its roots to the art history concepts of perceptual as well as to twentieth-century inventions of conceptual art and performance art.

This project is inspired by this art. This is an example of a perceptual art by the artist Michael Murphy.

In this following project, I had added a black sphere one by one to create the perceptual art piece to. Each of the spheres represents a life that once was. In total there are 99 spheres means 99 lives were. This is a non-comprehensive list of victims at the hands of police or racial profiling in the U.S. in the last few years.

blm fist 3D sculpture. When you view the 99 spheres from six meters away, you see an image of a raised fist that represents unity and solidarity in the ongoing fight against racism.

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To check the project… After opening this URL, if you zoom in or zoom out this project on your window you will find all 99 spheres like this which represents 99 black lives.

blm spheres Zoom in or Zoom out to get a view of 99 spheres

I also added a footprint here for the viewer to stand on if they are using a VR Headset. This way, they will know exactly which location will have the perfect 2D view of the art piece.

blm foot

To conclude this project, I am leaving you with a poem written by Langston Huges in 1936:

Let America be America again, The land that never has been yet, And yet must be, The land where every man is free.

Anyone can watch this in AR or VR mode. In this project basically, I used an external library called A-Frame. A web framework used for building 3D/AR/VR experiences. Make 3D worlds with HTML and Entity-ComponentFor Quest, Rift, WMR, SteamVR, mobile, desktop.

    <script src=""></script>

You can find whole code link here: