CovidOff | Covid19 Lead Generation Platform

CovidOff | Covid19 Lead Generation Platform

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Hello reader, I am pleased to share that I am along with Sagnik (my teammate) had built a web portal to help people during this pandemic, we help the user to generate leads by providing a variety of services spreading from Plasma Requirements Add, Medical/Oxygen/Remdesivr Helplines, viewing full or filtered data as per the user's choice. We constantly add whatever verified resources we get categorically to help the website stay updated. We made this website in a way so that anyone can volunteer and add the details.


Database Portal:


So many people are dying or suffering in this Pandemic due to failure at lead generation. We are not able to view and solve our doubts and get confused under certain compelling circumstances in this Covid Pandemic. We need to get a portal that helps and manages all these things in the easiest way possible.

Our Target Audience:

Any family or leads who are being affected by the curse of Covid-19 and want to take help of medical resources or want to add their data to generate leads to increase the chances of getting connected to a donor or helper.

Review of present systems:

All the present systems use a system that is hard to break further to analyze and shows filtered data only. Due to the availability of filtered data systems only, any supplier or NGO is unable to see the whole data that is supplied in the portal. And most importantly if anyone wants to volunteer to add any sort of data then it's quite challenging for them so that we take care of that thing properly. We have created a portal that not only serves as a resource collector and data finder but also attaches all the necessary resources that decrease the stress of connecting to too many websites to handle their problem.

Status of the Data:

We collect data from the user only. And for building the website resources, we collected data from MHRD, Indian Govt. Covid Helpline and WHO. For State, District, and City dynamic dropdown data, we collected the data from the Local Directory Website for the Indian States.

How cost-effective your system will be My system is cost-effective as it still doesn't have any payment system or paid server as its datasheet is being managed in the Backend with Rest API, Google Drive API, and Google Sheets API. In the future, if we need to host a backend with a paid server, it will still be less costly than other systems. In terms of users, the website will always be open source following GitHub Apache License 2.0.

I also rebuild my Twitter Bot to share covid related resources. You learn more about this bot from one of my existing blogs.

Tech Stacks Used:

  • FrontEnd: HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, SCSS, Streamlit, JQuery
  • Backend: Streamlit, Python, PHP, Heroku-CLI, Ajax
  • Database: JSON, Gspread-dataframe, Openpyxl, Gspread
  • Tools: Git, GitHub, VSCode
  • API: Google Drive API, Google Sheet API, Twitter API
  • Skills: Software Development, Web Scraping, Python Web Scripting, FrontEnd, Responsive Design Building

Want to contribute? ๐Ÿค

We need few web developers to work with us to develop this even further, fix some existing issues, or create new ones and then fix them. Let's together make something great and help the world in this panicking situation. So if you are interested to work on it here is the link to the repository you can check the code and all. Do read the Contribution Guidelines to progress further.

We build this project in very little time so maybe the code might seem a bit messy to you, but you can easily understand after a few trials and errors.

Here is the repository Link: (Make sure to ๐ŸŒŸ the repo to get updates)

To get help with the Code Base or Project Related discussions, we have the GitHub Discussions forum open, you may join us there.


This is the Portal for all the Data Resources. These resources are filled by general people. Verification at the utmost level is not guaranteed. So, we are constantly trying to improve the data system and gather more knowledge in Data Mining.